Students who have a flair for sports should be given masterful coaching so that they can be outstanding sports persons of tomorrow. We have full-fledged facilities for the training of all, Tug of War, Football, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Roller Skating, Yoga, Martial arts like Karate, Kalari etc. We also have spacious grounds for athletic training.

The skilled coaches train the teams (Tug of War, cricket, football, etc) for in-house and inter school competitions. The players are trained after the school hours. Our students participate in various sports and games.

CBSE Athletic Meet
CBSE Games Competition
BVN District & State Level Athletic Meet
BVN District & State Level Games Competition
Vidyabharathi Zonal and National Athletic meet
SGFI, National and State Level Tug of war championship
District level Cricket Tournament
Central Kerala Sahodaya Athletic Meet
National Yoga champion ship
Annual School Athletic Meet
Annual School Games Competition


Under 19 kabbadi boys team got second prize in Bharatheeya Vidyanikekathan state kabaddi tournament. The game of kabaddi calls for the pro-active, presence of mind, team management, physical strength, crisis management and understanding the opponent’s strategy as a part of the individual’s attitude. It also promotes physical fitness, health and sense of unity.

Under 19 Kabaddi Boys Team

Tug of War

This game helps students to develop their gross motor skills by working on weight shifting and muscle strength. It also increases proximal stability. Tug of war can promote impulse control, build confidence and strengthen the bond between the players. Tug of war is also a sport that can work very well in conjunction with other sports by developing the stamina and conditioning in the legs and core that is beneficial in many other sports. For those wishing to takr tug of war further, physical fitness is encouraged as well as a positive attitude to competition.

Participants of Tug of war competition

Under 19 boys Tug of war team

Under 19 boys Tug of war team got bronze medal competition conducted by Alappuzha tug of war association.

Under 17 boys Tug of War

Under 17 boys got silver medal in Alappuzha tug of war competition.

Under 13 boys team got bronze medal in Alappuzha tug of war competition.

Under 17 Mixed Tug of War

Under 17 mixed category got bronze medal in Alappuzha tug of war competition.


Chess helps build individual friendships and teaches children about sportsmanship. Children learn how to win graciously, and more importantly, how not to give up when encountering defeat. Chess encourages and rewards hard work.


Under 14 boys chess team got second position in Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan state chess competition.


Through athletics students learn essential life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence, hard work and fair play. These programs promote physical and mental wellness and positive self-image.

Diya Dileep of standard VIII participated in South zone Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan athletics . She also participated in Central Sahodaya athletic meet and got second prize in highjump.

Parthiv of standard IX participated in Central Sahodaya athletic meet and got second prize in shotput, third prize in discus throw.

Participants of South zone BVN athletics.


Participants of Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan state athletics.

Alappuzha roll netted ball team, girls got first position and boys got second position.

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