Education is not merely acquiring knowledge but also skills, values and habits. The knowledge gained must be reflected in a person’s thought and behaviour.The system of education should provide learning experiences which brings out the core strengths of each and every individual. These learning experiences must emanate from our rich socio-cultural heritage of our nation. We at Vidyadhiraja provide such learning experience which bring out the core strength in each child. A student in his adult hood will surely reminisce the fond memories that he has had in this institution. He is proud to declare himself as Vidyadhirajan and that is our ultimate pride and satisfaction. Every student receives individual and personal attention and the maximum comforts possible.

A sincere attempt has been made within the limited pages of this website to furnish you with as much information as possible, concerning the academic entity, to enable you to take one of your most crucial decisions, the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the academic career of your child, the impact of which would be nothing less than the destiny of an unknown future.

The website may not give all the details of every academic activity at the school. This will be possible only if you pay a visit to both the campus.

DR. B Santhosh

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